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Guide for Network Administrators
Browser Version
Transfer Ownership
Contacting the Owner of a Workspace
DMCA Takedown Requests
Clipboard Access for Internet Explorer
My PBworks
Administrative Functions


Common Causes of Problems


Copying or renaming a workspace


Renaming a workspace is not available in any of our educational services.  It is a hard technical limit that cannot be changed for any user of our Free, Classroom, or Campus Edition.  In our Business Edition, workspaces are listed by the workspace title, which can be easily changed in the settings, but the URL of the workspace cannot be changed.


Duplicating/copying a workspace can only be done through the Campus Dashboard, which is only available to school administrators using our Campus Edition.  The Campus Edition can only be purchased through our sales team, and not through any PBworks website.   Call 415.963.4369 to learn more about our Campus Edition license, which is only available to K-12 educational institutions.


Filters at school or at work


PBworks is a very complex site, and the editor uses many advanced browser functions that may conflict with a school or business's internet filter.  Before contacting support about the issue, it's best to contact your local network administrator about the problem.  Here's a link you can refer them to, which contains a lot of useful information about the service:


Guide for Network Administrators



HTML and Javascript

When adding experimental Javascript, HTML, or CSS to your pages, you may encounter a slight problem.  You may have saved something on your page that interferes with the editor, and prevents it from loading.  This can come from a variety of causes, but commonly, it's caused by some improper HTML or Javascript on the page itself.


A quick way to test to see if this is the case, is to try to enter edit mode on another page.  If you can edit other pages, then the problem is most likely due to some content on the page itself interfering with the browser, and not your internet connection. 


Also, if this does happen on every page, follow the steps below and revert the "SideBar" page of your workspace back to the oldest version.  Even if the problem does not clear after reverting the SideBar page, it is helpful to revert this page to a state with no customized HTML or Javascript, to eliminate that possibility.


Note:  You can always use the Pages and Files Manager to view previous versions of a page and revert a page back to its previous form.  You do not need to wait for PBworks Support to resolve issues like this, and PBworks Support will simply instruct you how to revert a page back to a previous version.




Embedding the page into another website


Embedding the PBworks editor into another website (like Blackboard), using an IFRAME, will cause the editor not to load properly.  You can still embed your workspace into another page to view it, but editing is a very complex operation, and it is not possible to edit a page while embedded.  If this is the cause of your problem, please try going to the PBworks URL, and editing the page with the regular PBworks.com URL.  There is no upgrade available that will make editing inside an IFRAME work.



Contact Support

If the problem of the editor appearing blank persists, even after reverting the FrontPage and the SideBar to the very first version, please contact support immediately through the "Help" link on your workspace.  Here's a list of things you should tell Support, so we can fully address the problem:


  1. What browser, and what version of web browser are you using?
  2. Does the editor fail to load on every page, or just specific pages?
  3. If you're using Firefox, what add-ons are you using?
  4. Are you connecting to PBworks through a work or school-owned internet connection?  Can you try accessing from home and see if the problem comes up?


The answers to these questions will be vital to determining what is wrong with the editor on your pages.


My Right Panel disappeared


Hide and Reveal the Right Panel



I just edited a page and want to revert it to a previous version


Click here for information on reverting a page or file to a previous state



Content doesn't appear in the View mode

This issue can occur after content containing HTML code (such as text from MS Word or the Web) has been pasted into your workspace page, because the pasted HTML can interfere with your workspace's own HTML.  Reverting the page version to a previous revision using the "Page History" link is one quick solution.  Copying all the content in Edit mode and pasting it into Notepad (or another Plain Text Editor) to strip the text of any HTML before reinserting it back into the workspace page is another way to resolve this issue.


Pasting Safely

When you want to add content from an external source to your workspace, sometimes pasting is an easy way to do this, but please be aware that there's a safe way to paste information.  Pasting text, tables, or other information from MS Word, Excel, or other websites can insert a significant amount of HTML code that can interfere with your workspace page's code and cause undesired effects.


Pasting Text

To safely paste text into your workspace page, please first paste the text into Notepad (for Windows), TextEdit (for Macs, need to choose plain-text format setting) or another plain-text editor and then copy the plain text and paste that into your workspace.  Running text through the plain text editor strips the information of any formatting or other HTML that can upset the proper functioning of your workspace page.


I'm having trouble uploading a file with a long name 

If you're unsuccessful in uploading a file with a long name, please try renaming the file to contain fewer characters and then try to upload the file again.


Still need help?  Click below to contact Support: