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Transfer Ownership

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Transfer Ownership
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Transferring workspace ownership (You are the owner)

We can transfer workspace ownership to any e-mail address that you specify, all we need from you is the following information:

  1. The name of the workspace for which you want to transfer ownership.
  2. The e-mail address of the new workspace owner. 
  3. You will need to provide us with confirmation that you are, in fact, the workspace owner by writing to us from the email address that you used to create your workspace. We will not be able to honor transfer ownership requests that do not come from the original workspace owner.


We will notify you after successfully transferring ownership of the workspace.  After the transfer, you will still be a workspace administrator.  If you no longer wish to participate in the transferred workspace, please log into your PBworks Account at http://my.pbworks.com, go to your "Home" tab, then click the "Leave this workspace" link to the right of the transferred workspace.


Transferring workspace ownership (You are not the owner)

PBworks takes your data privacy seriously, and we can only complete a transfer of ownership to another workspace user when the original owner has given us their express permission to do so. Please have the original workspace owner contact support with the name of their workspace and the email address of the person to which we should change ownership. PBworks will not transfer workspace ownership unless we hear from the original workspace owner.