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In order to change the page security on any page inside a workspace, you must have Administrator permission at the Workspace Level.  Writers, Readers, and Editors of the workspace cannot change the page level security of a workspace.


While logged in as Administrator, access any page and view the page normally.  Then, click the "Page Security" link on the right to access the page security settings for that page.






Changing Page Security

When the Page Security button is clicked the security options for the page appear.  If you make any changes to the page security, you must click "Save" to set the changes.



The five levels of page security are:


  1. Default security

    This is the default for all pages, and signifies that the page will use the access first defined at the Workspace Level and then at the Folder Level to determine access.  First, a user must have access to the workspace, and then also have access to the folder the page happens to be in, in order to gain access to the page.


  2. Lock this page

    Locking a page means that while all users with access to the workspace at the Workspace Level are able to view it, only Administrators will be able to edit it.


  3. Hide this page

    Hiding a page means that only Administrators at the Workspace Level will be able to view or edit the page.


  4. Custom security

    Custom security means that you can pick which users will have access to the page and what their permission will be.  With Custom Security set, and no users added to the page's Custom Security list, only the Administrators of the workspace will be able to access the page and make changes to it.


    To add users to a page's "Custom security", just select the user from the drop downlist, and click "Add User". 



    With the user added, you can easily set their permission level for the page.  By setting them to "Reader" on the page, the user will only be able to view the page.  As a "Writer", the user will be able to edit the content of the page and view it.  As "Editor," the user will be able to do everything that a Writer can do to the page, with the added ability to delete the entire page or rename the page.


    Click the red "X" icon next to a user in this list to remove them from the Custom Security list of the folder. 


  5. Make this folder public

    By making a page or file public, its contents will be available to anyone without logging in.  Only do this if you're sure that you want to make the contents of the folder public knowledge.  Also, if you have embedded pictures on a page you want to make public, you'll have to make those pictures public through Folder Level security for them to be available to the public.