• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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My PBworks Level

My PBworks
Administrative Functions
Adding Users
Removing Users
Changing Permissions
My PBworks Level  
Workspace Level
Folder Level
Page and File Level

The following is an overview of the information that can be found in all areas of the My PBworks account management area.  For more information on using My PBworks, click here.


Accessing My PBworks


My PBworks is a private site that lists all your indivual workspaces.  You can easily log on to PBworks and access your personal workspaces by going to: https://my.pbworks.com



The home tab is where you can find your list of workspace.  This is a personal list of your workspaces, and can not be viewed by other users.



Use the Profile tab to change the information that other users see when you edit the page. This includes name, contact information and an image of your choice.  You can choose to let other view you email address by checking the box that says "let registerd users see my email address".  You can also add a photo or avatar to your profile.



Use the Email tab to add another email address to your account, or change your password.  Only the user can change their password, workspace administrators can not change the password for individual users.


Classroom Accounts

Students who are logging in with a username and not an email address are using classroom accounts.  Classroom Accounts are only able to use their assigned username and password to log in to that single workspace, and you cannot log in to My PBworks or use that account to create a new workspace.