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Note: The maximum file size per file upload is one gigabyte (1 GB) for the premium Classroom Edition and 50 MB for any free edition.


  1. Click the "Pages & Files" tab on top of your workspace page. 


  2. On the files page, click the "Upload files" button.

    If this button is disabled and cannot be clicked, you may not have the appropriate permission on the workspace to upload.  Another reason for the button being disabled is that you only have permission to upload to a specific folder.  Click on the individual folders of the workspace, and if the button becomes active on any of them, then you have permission to upload, but only to that specific folder.


  3. Select the file you'd like to upload.  If you'd like to upload multiple files, please hold down the CTRL key (to add a file to the list of selected files) or the SHIFT key (to select a range of files) when choosing files from your computer.  NOTE: To ensure a smooth uploading experience, please avoid uploading files with extremely long file names.  If you're having an issue uploading a file with a long name, please try renaming the file and attempting to upload the file again.

    The uploader may look slightly different, depending on your operating system, however you should still be able to select multiple files to upload.


  4. Click the "Open" or "Select" button to upload the files to your workspace.


  5. A window will then pop-up to show you the progress of your files to be uploaded.  Cancelling queued uploads is easy, just click on the "Cancel Uploads" button.


  6. Your successfully uploaded files will appear in your workspace's list of files.


Note:  If you attempt to upload a file with a name that already exists on your workspace, you will get a message that will allow you to choose if you want to make the file you're uploading a new revision, or if you want the file to be on its own with a new name.  Even if you choose to upload a new revision, the previous revision of the file is still available.  Click here to learn more information on reverting files.