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Leaving a Workspace

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Leaving a workspace means that you no longer want your account associated with the space.  This will mean you will lose the ability to edit pages on the space, and will not be able to access the space unless the Administrator In order to leave a space, you first need to be logged in under an account with access to the space.  First, visit My PBworks and log in.






Once logged in, click the "Leave this workspace" next to the workspace you wish to leave.  Please note that leaving a workspace is a permanent decision that can only be undone by an Administrator adding your email address back to a space through the users list.



If you do not see a link to leave a workspace, then that means you are the owner of the space.  The user that is designated as the owner of the workspace cannot leave the workspace, as there always must be at least one active Administrator on the site.  If you want to get rid of a workspace that you own or have no use for, then you can follow the steps to delete the workspace.  Please note that all deletions are final, and PBworks Support will not restore any content that you have deleted.


Workspace Deletion


Instead of deleting a workspace, you may also want to Transfer Ownership of a workspace instead.  This will not delete the content, but it will make it possible for the owner of the workspace to be removed from the user's list.


Transfer Ownership