• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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My PBworks
Creating An Account
Creating a Workspace
Email Address
Leaving a Workspace
Workspace Permissions
Campus Dashboard
Resetting Your Password
Account Notification Settings
Administrative Functions



The profile tab of my.pbworks.com is where you can set the personal information about your account.


Basic Information

The basic information section of your profile shows the display name you use and allows you to set if other users are allowed to see your email address.  Your email address is always hidden from users who have not logged in to the service, however, for users that have logged in, checking this box will allow any of them to see your email address.  You can also set these fields with your location, website URL, and other online contact information.


To update any of this information, click edit the field and click the Save button.  Remember to click the Save button which is contained inside "Basic Information" (shown in the picture below).



Profile Picture


The Profile Picture is also saved in the profile field.  Each user can either use the anonymous pictures provided (which are just generic silhouettes) or they can upload their own picture.  Please note that in order for a picture to work, the picture must be under 200 KB.  If the file you're trying to upload comes directly from a camera, then you must use an external image editor, like Paint, to resize the image back down to a reasonable size (under 200 KB).




You may only delete your account when you belong to zero workspaces in the Home Tab of my.pbworks.com.  This means you first have to leave any workspace you have at my.pbworks.com, or transfer ownership to another user.