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Important Note:  The email tab of your account should ONLY contain the email addresses you personally receive email at.  You should NEVER merge your account with the account of another user, as this will inevitably cause problems.  Each account can only have one password.


Adding or changing your email address


In order to change your email address, you must first add another email address for your account to be listed as



Once you do this, the new address will appear in the list, but it will be unverified.  Check your email to find an email from "PBworks Registration".  Only email addresses that can receive email from PBworks are able to be added to your account.  When you find the email from PBworks registration, click the link inside that email.



Once the new email address is verified, click the radial button to make the new email address the primary address.  Only email addresses that are not primary can be removed from the email tab at my.pbworks.com.



Merging Accounts


Alert:  This process should only be used if you have two PBworks accounts with two different email addresses and need to merge the two together.  You should NEVER merge your account with another user.  If you are putting in an email address that you do not own, you are using the service incorrectly.


The email tab at my.pbworks.com is where you manage the email address associated with your account.  Here, you can add new email addresses to your account, and set which account is primary.  Your account with PBworks needs to have at least one valid email address, and you can only add an email address to your account if it is verified.


  1. Log into the My PBworks account ( at https://my.pbworks.com ) with the email address that you want as the "master" (the email address you want to keep).  Once there, click on the Email tab.

  2. Then at the bottom, go to the "Add another email address" section and add the email address of the account you want to merge into this one.  If we detect that the email address has it's own account at My PBworks, we'll tell you and offer you the chance to merge it with the current one. (see below).  Click merge to start the process.

  3. If you start the merge, we'll send a confirmation email to that address. You'll get this message (below) to let you know we did that.

  4. Check your email at that address. If you don't see it check your spam folder. The email will look similar to the one below. Just click the confirmation link to finish the merge.  You can only merge an account if you can receive email at PBworks.