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Note:  While all workspaces have the capacity to send notifications, selective notification options are only enabled on premium workspaces.   


On basic workspaces, notifications are sent in accordance with the user's notification preferences.  Users can set notifications from basic workspaces to be sent never, right away, or from a number of time interval selections.  These notifications are sent for all pages and file uploads, and users have no way to control which page edits are sent to them.


In premium workspaces, greater control is given to users about how notifications are sent.  Users of premium workspaces have a folder in which they can access Starred Pages.  They can then set their notification preferences to only send them updates for Starred pages. 


Here's how:


  1. To star a page, simply click the star to the left of the page title (see below):

    Before clicking the star After clicking the star


  2. Now, the page will show up in your list of starred pages. To see this list, click your Starred Pages in the Navigator.

  3. Click on your name as it appears in the gray bar at the top of the page.


  4. On the following page, you'll see the controls for the notification settings of the starred pages.



Here, you can turn off notifications on the workspace completely, by selecting "Don't send notifications."  You can also choose to send notifications for all changes, or just the starred pages.  Finally, even if you're only watching the starred pages, you can still be notified once when new pages or files are created on the workspace.