• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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My PBworks

My PBworks
Creating An Account
Creating a Workspace
Email Address
Leaving a Workspace
Workspace Permissions
Campus Dashboard
Resetting Your Password
Account Notification Settings
Administrative Functions

Note: If you use PBworks for your business, and use the Business Edition of PBworks, then please use the manual here.  The educational editions of PBworks, including the Classroom and Campus Editions, are not built for enterprise use, and using them for a commercial use is a violation of our terms of service.


My PBworks is the central home of all your workspaces under your PBworks account.  In order to log in to any part of the service, you must first have an account here and log in with your email address:




If you've lost access to this site and need to reset your password use this link:




This will work in all cases.  Even if you've never set a password before with PBworks, users can always use the "Forgot your Password" link to automatically reset their password.



The logged in user's email address shows in the upper right corner of my.pbworks.com.  You can only log in to one account at a time per browser, so to easily see which account you are logged in as, just visit my.pbworks.com.




My PBworks is divided into the Home, Profile, and Email tab.  Click below for more about each area of My PBworks.

The Campus Dashboard


The Campus dashboard is a special tab that is only available to administrators of a Campus License.  Not every user (even Administrators of workspaces at a school with a Campus Edition license) will have access to this Campus tab.  More information about the campus dashboard is available here.



My PBworks Navigation Bar

The My PBworks Navigation bar and workspace tabs allows users of Classroom, Campus, and the free editions of PBworks to easily find their way to their PBworks account, and easily navigate between their workspaces.


Additionally, the bar won't confuse anonymous users of public workspaces (that don't have PBworks accounts, and are just reading your content anonymously and will never need to log in).  Here's what the bar looks like to a user that's not logged in, but reading your workspace:




My PBworks

The My PBworks link in the upper left allows users who are logged in immediate access to their PBworks account. 

Click here to learn more about using the My PBworks site:

My PBworks Account




Clicking on the Workspace link brings up a dropdown list of the logged in users' most recently visited workspaces. 


Additionally, the total number of workspaces at the bottom can be clicked to bring them to their My PBworks Account page.



Workspace Title

By default, the workspace title is just the subdomain of the URL where the workspace resides.  For example, if your workspace was located at boxspace.pbworks.com, the workspace title would be "boxspace" by default.  The workspace title can be set to any text in the settings, in the "About this workspace" setting.