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Upload a Video

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Third-party note:  This plugin uses a third-party service that is not integrated into PBworks.  It cannot handle all kinds of video file types, and if a video fails to transcode, then it is not possible to use it with this plugin.  Additionally, videos uploaded into this plugin are not saved into your PBworks workspace, and it is not possible to download the original file back from this service.


  1. Go into edit mode on your workspace by clicking the "Edit" tab.

  2. Click the "Insert" button, and select "Upload Video" from the Video plugin menu.

  3. Click the browse button to browse your computer for a video and click "Open."  This will place the path to the file in to the path field.  Then, check the box to accept the terms of service for the video plugin, and click "Submit."  The video upload begins immediately.  Please be patient, depending on the size of the file and your internet connection, this may take awhile.

  4. When your video has been uploaded, you should see a screen like this.  Click Insert Plugin, to insert the plugin.

  5. Save the page, with the plugin in place.


After your video is uploaded, it may appear as unavailable for a bit.  This is normal activity.  Our video sharing service, Fliqz.com is transferring the video you uploaded into a format that it can use to stream.  Depending on the length of the video, this can take a while.


Important Note: Do not delete the plugin and upload again.  This will simply restart the process, meaning more of a wait time for you.