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The PBworks editor allows users to describe the changes that are being made to a page before the edit is saved.  These descriptions are short summaries that appear in the page history (one description per revision).  These descriptions can only be left at the time of the revision, and they allow the editor of the page to let the audience know what was changed on the page.



Leaving a comment


Leaving a description on what you are revising is done by clicking the "Describe your changes" link in the lower right corner of the page while in edit mode.  You can only leave a comment on a revision while you are creating that new revision, so this is only available while in edit mode.  If you don't see the "Save" button, then you are not in edit mode.

In the form that accepts your description, you will see that the input is limited (just like regular comments) to 2000 characters.  Additionally, the comment is saved when you save the page, so there is no way to set the comment without saving the page.  You must click Save in order for the comment on the revision to be saved.  You can also click the "Hide this" link to hide the comment form while in edit mode.






All comments in the PBworks system are limited to 2000 characters.  This is a hard limit in our system, and cannot be expanded for any one particular workspace.  Additionally, you can only leave a comment at the time of the revision.  If you don't leave a comment before saving the page, then no comment will be set.  There is no method for any user to change or modify comments (just as there's no method to change a revision made in the past, or a time-stamp of a revision or comment).