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Workspace Permissions

My PBworks
Workspace Permissions 
User Groups
Page-Level Only
Workspace Settings
Administrative Functions

Here are some common acitivities on your workspace, and what each kind of user is allowed to do. Changes to permissions are done through the Users list of a workspace, not through my.pbworks.com.


The last column, covering anonymous users, is not applicable if you've made your workspace private in the Workspace Security settings.


Activity Administrator Editor Writer Reader Anonymous User*
Create a Page      
Edit a Page      
View a Page  
Rename a Page        
Delete a Page        
Change Page Security          
Create a folder      
Rename a folder        
Delete a folder        
View the contents of a folder  
Change folder security        
Upload a File    
Upload a new version of a file    
View a File
Rename a File      
Delete a File      
Access and change workspace settings        
View comments on a page
Create a comment on a page ** ***
Delete a comment on a page      
Create page tags    
Remove page tags    
View page and file history    
Revert pages and files to a previous version    
Delete previous revisions of pages and files      
Add HTML to a page    
Add HTML and potentially unsafe Javascript to a page (Administrators can only add Javascript to a page using the HTML/Javascript plugin)        


*Anonymous users have no access to private workspaces.  Check your Workspace Security settings to see if Anonymous users can see your workspace.

**Readers may create comments on page, only if that option is allowed by the Administrators in the Workspace Security setting

***Anonymous users can only create comments on public workspaces if the following are true in the settings of the workspace:

  1. The anonymous user is logged in with a PBworks account.
  2. The workspace security settings allow Readers of the workspace to comment.