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Classroom Accounts

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If you're using your workspace in a K-8 classroom or another environment that prevents your users from using email addresses, you can use classroom accounts to add new users to your workspace. Classroom accounts are accounts that are tied to a single workspace. As the workspace administrator, you'll create usernames and passwords ahead of time and hand them out to your users. You'll need a printer to print out the user list at the end of the wizard, so make sure your printer is on and stocked with paper.



Click the Users tab and then, click the Add More Users button.



Then, click on the link in the yellow banner to create classroom accounts:




Getting started

Enter in the number of students who need accounts and what permission level you'd like them to have. This is only the default permission level — you can change individual users on the next step. You can create up to 99 accounts at one time - if you need more than 99 accounts, no problem! You can come back and use this tool again until you have the number of accounts you need.   Please note, that more than 100 accounts per workspace does get difficult to manage.  While your space can technically have more than 100 users, the scope of each space should be kept small. 



Setting up the accounts

You'll see a list of accounts on your screen. By default, they'll have automatic usernames like "workspaceuser0001", but you can change them to something more memorable. The same is true for the passwords: you can use the easy-to-remember passwords that we generate, but you're free to change them to whatever you want. Optionally, you can enter a name for each user. The name will be displayed in the workspace when they edit the workspace or comment on a page, so think about how that will look when you are choosing names.  Please note that while the Username is not case-sensitive, the Password is CAse-SEnsitiVE, so it might be easiest to use lowercase text for these two fields.



Print out the accounts


Alert: Click this button even if you don't have a printer ready.  Just cancel the print job, and save the page as a plain file.  You will not be able to print or access this list again!


At this point, your new accounts have been made. Make sure you print out the list of accounts for your records. The print-out is designed to make it easy for you to distribute the accounts to your students. 




Managing Classroom Accounts

Once you've added classroom accounts to your workspace, they'll work just like any other accounts to allow your students access to your workspace.  You'll see your classroom users in your workspace's user list. You can change their permission level or remove them from your workspace just like any other user. Once you remove a users classroom account, you will not be able to add the same username as a user. You will need to create a new username.


Classroom Account FAQ


Can I modify the user name or password information for a Classroom Account?

You can reset the password for any classroom account by clicking the "key" icon which appears next to the classroom account listed.  You won't be able to print out a listing of all the passwords again, but when you reset an account, the new password is shown to you immediately.  Only users with Administrator access can reset a Classroom Account password.



Can Classroom Account users upload their own Profile Pictures?

Sorry again, but unfortunately, the special nature of the Classroom Accounts comes with unique advantages and disadvantages--one disadvantage is that Classroom Account users are unable to upload a Profile Picture, unlike normal PBworks Account holders.


Can I use the same Classroom Account information across multiple workspaces?

Yes, but because each account can only be associated with a single workspace, users will need to sign-in for each workspace where they have been granted access through a Classroom Account.  That said, as long as you have access to the print-out containing the classroom account details and you have admin-level access to the other workspace(s), you can create the desired number of Classroom Accounts and then manually insert the same user names and passwords for all students.  Please remember to double-check all information before confirming!