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Note: Making your workspace private does not require an upgrade to Classroom Edition, nor does failing to renew a Classroom Edition make any of your content public or change any security for any page or file.  Click here for more information.  As with all Settings, the Workspace Security of a workspace can only be changed by users with Administrator permission on the space.


Setting a workspace so that only people invited can view it is the best way to keep your data private.  If you set this setting so that "Anyone" can view, your content will inevitably be indexed by Google and various other search engines.  As Administrator, it is your responsibility to set this according to your site's needs.



Request Access


If this setting is checked, users who have not yet joined the workspace will be able to click a "Request Access" button on the login screen, which will allow them to send a quick message to the Administrator, requesting access.  When this is done, all Administrators receive an email, and it is up to the Administrators to determine if the user will be granted or denied access.



Users List

By default, the Users tab of a particular workspace is available to all logged in users.  To disable this, uncheck this option in the Workspace Security settings.


Reader Comments



By default on new workspaces, users with the reader permission level are not allowed to leave comments on workspace pages. You can uncheck the "Disable commenting for readers" checkbox to allow users with "Reader" permission on your workspace to make comments.  Users with Writer, Editor, or Administrator privileges can always leave comments on any page they are allowed to edit.