• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Alert:  The Business Edition documentation is available here.   The features offered in the educational editions of PBworks are not made for enterprise use.  Listed below are the fundamental features of PBworks that cannot be implemented in our educational edition, which is what is described in this manual.


The PBworks Business Edition is a completely different service, with features explicitly designed for enterprise use.  If you're using the Educational Edition for your Business and are frustrated with the lack of new features or development, click the link below to give the PBworks Business Edition a try.  The features available in the Business Edition cannot be implemented in any way on any educational workspace.




Key features of the Business Edition not available in the Educational editions include but are not limited to:


  • Searching across multiple workspaces
  • Search is professionally indexed, providing consistent results.
  • Ability to group workspaces into network collections. 
  • Full SSL encryption on every page.
  • Network Administrators have complete control over user profiles and can lock certain profile fields.
  • Each Business Edition network has a persistent roster, so instead of adding users by email address, users can be added by names
  • Support for Single-Sign On.
  • Annual licensing agreements on a per user contract basis, rather than upgrading individual spaces
  • Video processing and previews
  • Full PDF and large image previews
  • The ability to create workspace types, for use within your network.
  • Gallery View
  • Status Updates
  • Chat
  • Email content into your workspace
  • Customizable Network Home Tab
  • One click access to all your starred items and recently edited pages
  • Edit alert notifications on items you have recently edited. 
  • Amazon S3 Export
  • Admin setting to let you know when our service has a problem delivering email to a specific email address 
  • A more modern and far more usable interface to handle hundreds of thousands of items across multiple workspaces.