• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Classroom Edition

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Classroom Edition
Campus Edition
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Important note: The editor, user management system, pages and files manager, and all features available in the free service are identical in the Classroom Edition.  If a feature in the free service does not seem to work properly for you, then please contact support using the button below.  Upgrading a workspace will not cause any feature to work better or more reliably.

Additionally, upgrades are done on a per-workspace basis.  If you need to upgrade multiple workspaces, then you should sign up for Campus Edition.  Phone support is not offered in any of our educational services, and the service is provided as-is per the terms of service.




To renew a Classroom Edition workspace (where you do not need a purchase order):


  1. First, log in as the Administrator of the workspace at My PBworks.  You cannot upgrade a workspace you do not have Administrative permission on.
  2. Next, go to the "Extend.php" page of the workspace you want to upgrade.  Replace the "WORKSPACE" text in the link below with the name of your workspace.


    In the license setting of a workspace, you can get to our secure credit card form by clicking the "find out more about upgrading" link in the settings.

    Important note: If you previously upgraded via our telesales team, then contact them regarding your next invoice.
  3. Click the green "Renew" button on the resulting page.


If you need a purchase order or talk to a sales representative, then contact sales@pbworks.com.


Folder and Page Security


User Groups



Create user groups easily, and use those groups to apply security to large numbers of students at once. 


Click here to find out more about User Groups


Folder Security

Folder security allows you to set which students have access to a particular folder in PBworks.   When you view a folder in the Pages and Files manager, workspaces upgraded to Classroom edition will have a button that Administrators of can click to set Folder Level Security.


Click here to learn more about setting folder level security.


Page and File Security

Page and file-level security allows you to set which students have access to a particular page or file in PBworks.   When you view any page while logged in as Administrator, you'll see a link on the right to "Control access to this page".  In the free service, this link is shown, but is not functional.  Upgrade to Classroom Edition to take advantage of this feature.


Click here to learn more about setting page-level security.



Selective Notifications


By default, when notifications are enabled on a workspace, users receive email notifications of all changes.  If a workspace is upgraded to Classroom or Campus Edition, then the users can choose if they will receive notifications for all changes, or if they only receive notifications for starred and newly added items.   This way, users can mark individual pages or files as important, and then receive updates only when those items are updated.


  • Selective Notifications
  • Starred Pages



Increased File Storage

Each workspace in the free version of PBworks can only hold two gigabytes of data.  Classroom edition increases that file storage limit to forty gigabytes.


The free service also has a 50 MB limit per uploaded file, and with Classroom edition, this limit is increased to 1 GB per file.


Free version Classroom Edition


Document Import

When creating pages with a Classroom Edition workspace, you have the option to create them from Word documents on your computer.  Click here for more information on Document Import.


Customization settings

Workspaces upgraded to Classroom edition can take advantage of the Customization options in the settings.  These options allow you to hide and reveal certain modules in the right panel when you're editing your pages.



Customization options

  • Comments
    • Hide and reveal the comments form for all pages
    • Change the order of comments for all pages (newest or oldest at the top)
    • Use nested comments, so users can "Reply" to comments made.
  • General
    • Hide or reveal contact form for the workspace
    • Hide or reveal the page history for pages
    • Hide or reveal the PBworks footer
    • Hide or reveal the workspace's logo
  • Right Panel
    • Show or hide the right panel by default (this can always be changed on individual basis by users, but you can choose whether or not the panel is shown by default.)
    • Show or hide the Navigator module
    • Show or hide the Recent workspace activity module
    • Show or hide the "Share this workspace module" (admins only).
    • Show or hide the Sidebar module


Click here to find out more about using the Customization setting options.


Custom color template


In the "Colors" setting of free workspaces, there are nine preset color templates to choose from.  The last color template, "Custom", is enabled in the Classroom edition of PBworks.


Click here for find out more about customizing your color scheme.


Download Exports


While your workspace is always backed up by PBworks (even in the free edition) the backups of your workspace cannot be made available to you.  The backups we keep are only accessible by PBworks and can only be used in the event of a catastrophic system failure.  In the Classroom edition, workspaces have access to the "Export" setting.  This feature allows workspace administrators to download a ZIP file export of their own workspace.  This is ideal to prevent incidents of accidental deletion of pages and files (provided the export is downloaded beforehand). 


Click here to find out more about the Export feature.


Please note, even in the Classroom and Campus editions, PBworks cannot undelete files.  A file that is intentionally deleted by an Administrator or Editor in any workspace cannot be recovered.  Our backups are only functional system-wide, and so they can only be used in the event of a system failure.