• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Administrative Functions

Free Wiki Edition

Classroom Edition
Campus Edition
Business Edition


PBworks offers several pricing plans to fit your individual needs. Check out our pricing plans below, or view them by going to plans.pbworks.com.


Basic Edition

Basic Edition is our free service that allows you to use PBworks without cost or obligation.  Many of the enhanced page and folder security features are not available in the free version of the service, however, you can still use your free workspace to create pages and upload files.  The Basic Edition is limited to non-commercial use only.


Classroom Edition

For teachers and librarians, the PBworks Classroom plan allows you to add classroom accounts to your single workspace. Classroom workspaces come with 40GB of storage space and up to 100 users, with plenty of customization features to make this a fun place for your students. You can instantly pay for this workspace package via credit card.


Campus Edition

If you're planning on rolling out PBworks to your entire campus or school district, the PBworks Campus plan provides great value. It includes a thousand users, 40GB of storage, and all the security settings you'll need. Contact a sales representative to get started on rolling this out at your school.


Business Edition

Business Edition subscriptions are exclusively handled by our telesales team.  Contact sales@pbworks.com or call 415.963.4369.


Premium Features


Note: Business Edition is a completely different service and is not listed here.  Prices for Business Edition Starter package can be found by calling 415.963.4369.



Educational Basic



Classroom Accounts

Document Import  
SSL - Login
Fully Customized Colors  
Right Panel Customization  
Logo Upload  
Folder Security  
File Security  
Page Security  
Number of workspaces 1 1 Unlimited
Storage Space per space
2GB 40GB 40GB for every Campus Edition space
Maximum Recommended Users*
100 100 100/per workspace 1000 overall





















*Please note, while there are no explicit hard limits to the number of users one space can have (we don't block a Classroom Edition from adding user #101) the service itself is designed to meet the needs of a small scope of students, communicating with their teacher or within their classroom.  Attempting to put in hundreds more students may result in challenges, especially when all those users are contributing content and editing the same pages.


Payment methods


Credit Card

If you'd like to pay via credit card, please contact a sales representative to arrange payment.


Purchase Orders

Here's what you need to know for your PO:

PBworks Federal ID #: 20-0253792

PBworks Address:

PBworks, Inc.

1825 South Grant Street, Suite 500

San Mateo, CA 94402


Please include your workspace name on your purchase order (e.g., http://YOUR_WORKSPACE'S_NAME_HERE.pbworks.com).

Submit your purchase order by email: billing@pbworks.com or by fax: (360) 248-7750



Please make your check payable to "PBworks Inc.", be sure to add your workspace's name in the Memo section (e.g., http://YOUR_WORKSPACE'S_NAME_HERE.pbworks.com), and then mail your check to us at 1825 S Grant St, Suite 500. San Mateo, CA 94402-7041.



You can download PBworks's W-9 form here: PBworks W9.pdf


License keys

Once you have worked with your sales representative, we will email you a license key that you can apply to your workspace by going to "Settings" and then "License." Click the "Enter License Key" button to enter this key and upgrade your workspace. This license key will be included on the second page of your PBworks invoice.





Classroom Edition Cancellations

Please email our billing department.  Also, please remember to contact us with the e-mail address that is registered as the workspace's owner, include the name of your workspace, and let us know why you'd like to cancel your payment.



PayPal is no longer accepted as a payment option for any service offered by PBworks.  Current PayPal users can continue their existing subscriptions, but no new subscriptions can be created via PayPal.



Effects of downgraded workspaces


  • PBworks will not delete your files, even if you're over your storage limit. Your file space will be reduced to the basic free level (2 GB), preventing further uploads.
  • New files larger than 50 MB will not be allowed to be uploaded. 
  • Your custom security settings will remain, but you will lose the ability to make changes.   Administrators will still have access to all data, but unable to change folder settings. 
  • Custom workspace CSS will be disabled.
  • Full zip export will become unavailable.



Silver/Gold/Platinum workspace plans

PBworks will honor your pricing and package level until your pricing renewal date comes up. At that time, we'll ask you to switch to one of our new plans. If you have questions about what plan is most appropriate to switch to, please contact a sales representative or contact the support team through the "Help" link on your workspace.